Wedding Weekend Part 1: Kati & Mike

Oh my goodness… this weekend was quite the adventure. Shooting back to back weddings on the weekends can sure be a huge rush; especially when they are in two completely different  states. Well, enough stalling let’s jump right in and check out our first wedding; Kati and Mike DeCarlo.

This past Saturday I was down in College Park for a beautiful wedding at the University of Maryland Chapel. I enjoy any chance I get to walk around this very beautiful campus. Although I was never an official student, I found myself to be a “regular” around campus due to being part of different honors music ensembles through out high school; not to mention, of course, the occasional shenanigans during my own college days… but enough about me, let’s stay on topic. 🙂

I met Kati a this past year through some mutual friends of ours. I knew of Mike through church and have known of his family for years. Mike was also a barista at Starbucks and I would see him regularly for a fix. You may also recognize them as one of the couples in my promo video on YouTube. When news broke about their engagement I was soon contacted about shooting their wedding. Upon first meeting, the three of us hit it off very well and excitement grew for all that was to take place on the wedding day.

Upon stepping into the chapel at UMD I began to think about my cousin’s wedding which took place their about ten years ago. Why? Well I can remember walking into the chapel back then and thinking to myself, “whoa, this place is cool looking. I wish I had a nice camera to take a picture of it.” Ten years later: I have two nice cameras and can take a lot of cool pictures 🙂

Kati and Mike, thank you for allowing me to capture your special day. You two are so cute together and may the good Lord bless you for many years to come.

A big thank you to Stephanie Yonce and Katie Jordan for coming out to help me. You two were such a joy to work with and I look forward to more times together.

And with out further adieu… here’s a little taste of some of the shots from the day. Enjoy! 🙂



5 thoughts on “Wedding Weekend Part 1: Kati & Mike

  1. Paul!! I love the shots – ESPECIALLY the one of the turtle. It is so crazy how we notice different things…I didn’t even SEE that guy!! Thank you so much for letting me come shoot with you again. Once again I was blown away by your willingness to share your knowledge with me and help me develop my own skills and abilities as a photographer.

    Kati & Mike – CONGRATULATIONS!!! I’m so happy to have had the chance to meet you. I wish you the very very best. 🙂

    Everyone else – Paul is amazing. You should hire him. And if you do, maybe he’ll invite me to 2nd shoot with him and you’ll get to meet me too. 🙂

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